Extruded Clear Plastic Tubing

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Extruded Clear Plastic Tubing

Extruded Plastic Tubes

Clear Plastic Tubing
MOCAP Clear Plastic Tubing
  • Material: PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol)

Extruded Plastic Tubes – Media

Extruded Clear Plastic Tubing

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Extruded Plastic Tubes Size Chart

MOCAP vous propose la vente de capuchons de toutes sortes. Ils répondront à vos besoins.

Spécialiste du bouchon en plastique, MOCAP est fabricant de bouchons de protection, MOCAP est fabricant, de bouchons en silicone. Le groupe vous propose l’achat et la vente de bouchons en plastique ainsi que toute une gamme de produits tels que la pastille haute température, le capuchon en vinyle et le ruban autosoudant.

Extruded Clear Plastic Tubing - Information

Cleartec, a Division of MOCAP, manufactures a line of extruded clear plastic packaging tubes and containers for retail/POP packaging, industrial products as well as mailing and shipping tubes
Cleartec Packaging is the clear choice for recyclable extruded semi-rigid clear plastic tubes and containers. Cleartec's clear plastic packaging system is a cost effective, high impact way to increase your products sales. Applications for our clear plastic tubes are unlimited. We can create a package from standard or custom components to meet your budget and design requirements.

Visit ce.cleartecpackaging.com for more information.


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